For our whole lives we have been taught things that through personal research, experimentation and thousands of testimonials have been proven to be false. Here we aim to offer alternative directions and information which might help you decide what personal choices should be made for optimum health. We in no way intend through any method to diagnose or treat any ailment, we are here just to pass on what has worked for us and those we know. We welcome all points of view and modalities of well-being and optimizing our life forces within and without us.

Our health and well-being are under attack; we need a Natural Health Revolution to help us naturally nourish, naturally restore and naturally condition the body. Each of Zija’s product brands fills a unique void and serves a distinct purpose in this revolution; these include Core Moringa® Supplements, Améo® Essential Oils, Ripstix® Fitness Supplements, and GenM® Personal Care.

– Health, Wellness And Beauty for all

Our Markets

We are international and see borders as nothing more than being able to get to know you better and help you find the natural health solutions and the best Moringa on the planet. Our amazing products are in over 50 countries and chances are if you are seeing this we are in yours!

There are many opportunities to grow your business internationally. Each of these countries has their own section in the Back Office Library where you can find more information and details. Let’s help the world live Life Unlimited #liveliveunlimited @therapeuticfoodcoach & @moringaweightloss on Instagram #nhr2018!

Available in Poland and Norway!

SmartMix and GenM Skin Care products are now available in Poland and Norway! They join the rest of our European countries where products can be purchased, including Italy, Bulgaria…

Columbia is open for business!

Columbia is open for business with Zija products on the ground, being shipped from a local distribution center. Columbia joins our other Latin American countries, including Peru and Panama.

Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand

Over the next few months, we will be opening new offices in Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand to act as corporate hubs and support centers. They will have local staff available…

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Lose weight effectively utilizing the amazing full-profile of Moringa Oleifera and enhance your weight loss dramatically and improve your overall health.

Your Success Is Our Goal

It’s Your Time

Our turnkey business model, easy-to-use tools, unmatched support, and lucrative compensation plan make starting and building your own successful business a reality. There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in the health, wellness and beauty industry, which is the next trillion-dollar economic sector.

The Proven Team

Support and Encouragement are two key factors that our proven business techniques utilizes in order to help you become a successful business owner in any market we are in. Message us for a private invite to our Facebook group that is ever-expanding and exciting to become a part of.
Start your own weight loss business and work anywhere in the world!

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vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits

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