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“Initially, I was only interested in losing a few pounds, getting healthier and becoming a better me. As I kept using the amazing moringa weight loss system the loss of weight, massive increase in energy and focus, and the shift in mental clarity was astronomical. I went from a sedentary person to an active person and needed a new wardrobe! With 36 LBS Lost, over 20 inches throughout my chest, legs, arms, belly, waist & neck! Also a reduction of 8.5% body fat! Thank you for all those who have supported and given positiveness! Here’s to the next phase of our lives and continued increase in health all due to the system in place that is based on Moringa Oleifera, the tree of life and the most nutrient dense plant on earth, Zija International, and last but not least The Proven Team!!”

Joshua Malan – Highland, Utah USA
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Joshua’s Short’ish Story

Hi there, I am Joshua Malan, a 41-year-old husband to an amazing wife, father of 6 energetic and fun loving kids, a serial entrepreneur / software developer / DJ / amateur microbiologist, researcher of all truths & health related researcher guy. So yeah, I am into a lot of things. Not all at once but gradually over the decades of life, I have acquired some real skills and learned some really great things. Health has always been a study of mine, I have practiced what to do and experimented with what not to do finding out that the things we shouldn’t do healthwise are good advice to adhere to our habitual existences.

Early in 2014 we had some major business losses, financial hits and legal issues which created an atmosphere of depression, stress and the mindset of scarcity and fear. It was an awful time of life. For years we tried to be positive about things and improve our situation. We moved around, once in with my grandma to try to help her out as she was aging and having issues getting around, we were rejected there. We moved back to our place in American Fork and felt unwelcome there. Then we took the big leap of leaving all you know and moved to the boonies to Annabella, Utah which is a very rural town of 800+ people on a good day town about two hours south. We tried to make that place work the best we knew how, it turned into a really bad situation with the landlord not fulfilling his end of the deal so we had to leave there and well, we ended up living with my in-laws for a time, the problem was that I am the perceived as the outlaw which I gladly accept the title of.

So there we were, I was basically out of work, I had a few web clients left but not enough to live on yet. Late in 2017, a friend of mine invited me to join in on a 90-day challenge which would largely utilize their weight management system and support team to give good health tips and offer encouragement and motivational content. Like I mentioned before, I am a student of health right? Ahh but there is the kicker, I like to push the boundaries of what is good and bad sometimes and well, I let the depression of a few years build up and let myself go a bit. So I had gained some weight, not done what I had done in the past to be healthy and thought, “what the hell, I am not doing anything, what could go wrong?”. I should have been asking myself what could go right!

So to recap, I was out of work basically, not knowing what I wanted in life, I even found out my marriage of almost ten years was in jeopardy of not working out, just a bunch of things were not going well. The previous year I had joined a company called LegalShield and I did very well, I learned a lot of personal development strategies and techniques and even put a few into practice but that wasn’t enough and to boot I was taught by someone who was cheating the system so when I realized that I had to pull out and try to figure out something else because my web business wasn’t on autopilot as it once was. Then came along Paul and Bryan who told me about this system years ago and invited me to join them on the 90-day challenge that began January 1, 2018. I have never been into New Years Resolutions because I have always been of the mind that if I am going to do something it’s because I want to and decide to and commit to not because everyone else is doing it. So I broke that rule and decided to “join in” the fun.

The challenge was actually not too difficult. Basically, I took 3 minutes of out my day to drink some moringa powder, take a capsule and a few times a week take a tea called premium tea before bed. That’s IT! At the time I was DJ’ing karaoke shows at bars in Salt Lake City, Utah for some extra cash and doing a few things you do at bars that are definitely not on the healthy side of things. So I started this “thing” but was still partaking in almost a separate world of things at the same time. I was really trying to get into this challenge and was determined to win.

Around the same time a friend of mine, Tim, was starting a mentoring business as he had basically been doing that his whole career but never got paid for it. He needed some web help and I sure needed some mentoring. To be completely honest he would have never been my first, second or tenth idea of someone to mentor me in anything, he was a bud and that’s what I saw him as. After our first “session”, not sure what to really call them, meeting, ok that’s better. After our first meeting, I was blown away by this NEW person sitting across the table from me, Tim was not the person I thought he was, he was good! There were some things I resisted with and didn’t jive with but for the most part, he was doing a fantastic job as a habits coach and helped me see things a little differently. That day I learned that we really can learn valuable things from anyone if we see each encounter with another human being as an opportunity to learn something rather than judging them, judgment is only reserved for one person, ourselves to ourselves.

The Proven Team, the name of the group on Facebook that I was part of during this 90-day challenge, was really fun. It was great to share my wins for the day or week and do have accountability in weekly weigh-ins and measuring. I had a hard time wrapping my brain around all the weight I was losing but it was exciting! Others weren’t having the same measure of success I was but real success is so relative my success was turning into becoming a better version of myself and it was actually happening! After the first 30 days, the group declared me the winner of month one and it was really fun with the recognition and WTG posts not to mention the number of pounds and inches and pants sizes I had lost in the process! I had done things like this in the past but never have had this type of result. Over 40, overweight, under-energized, zero-ambitionized and boom, 30 days later I felt and looked completely different. I know elements, health supplements, have tried everything out there and nothing else ever had the effect that Moringa products had on me! Another thing that happened is I was no longer interested in DJ’ing or being in that negative environment, I wanted positivity and to change the circle of people I surround myself with! All of these things are critical elements to real long-lasting change. We have to change our environments, inside and outside to really make the changes in life we want to manifest. And it all started out by me accepting a challenge from a friend.

This is after 22 days into the consistent use of the Moringa Weight Loss System

This is after 22 days into the consistent use of the Moringa Weight Loss System

I thought this was cool, noticeable difference in skin complexion, coloring and wrinkles. They call it the Moringa Glow

I thought this was cool, noticeable difference in skin complexion, coloring and wrinkles. They call it the Moringa Glow

Throughout the challenge, I increased my activities, got up earlier, continued to increase good habits and reduce bad habits, took my Moringa Oleifera products, detoxed with the premium tea ( side note HOLY SHIKAKA!! Premium tea cannot be more effective to help detox and clean us out! I won’t go into the gory details but let’s just say I have tried everything under the sun and where the sun don’t shine to detox and by far, premium tea is key to proper detoxing) read and listened to good books, stop allowing negative people and music and other things into my environment and I was really onto becoming a better version of myself, in fact, I’d call it a rebirth, multiple times.

I know I am being a bit long-winded but I think the results don’t speak for themselves, you have to understand the severe state of things before I made the decision to commit myself to 90 days of focused efforts. Fast forward to 90 days and boom! I was a newer person, landed a really great contract building some awesome MVC/Laravel/PHP/Reactive software and we even moved into our own place. All because through consistent actions and persistent thought I reprogrammed my mind to become an entirely different human being. Things I want to happen tend to occur on a regular basis now, positive and uplifting people are in our lives now, and our health as a family is continually improving as we maintain a proper balance of activity and nutrition with the lineup of offerings from Zija International. Why the products from Zija? We have sourced much of the Moringa Oleifera out there and theirs is the best BY FAR! You can go to amazon and buy it much cheaper but you get what you pay for there, others seem to be more like bitter dust, Zija’s is sweet and they use all the useful parts of the tree not just the leaves.

My life and my family are forever changed because a few people thought enough of me to challenge me at the right time and place. I have learned an innumerable amount of life lessons since then which I keep learning on a daily basis. A slight edge is what we are on and every single thing we do, say or think matters. I plan to make a positive impact on all that are near me for as long as I am allowed to stay on this plane of existence. Life really is what we make of it. We are the sum of those we surround ourselves with and I’ll say it again, small things done daily over time have massive rewards or failures. My blood type isn’t B-positive by chance, that is who I am, I just forgot for a while and needed some hard lessons to jump start me back into being me, I am.

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